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Proof of Life

I know my posting schedule has been sporadic of late. I've been lucky to get one or two new strips up each week. Although this may seem like a bad sign, it's actually an indication that things are going great. We're just in a period of adjustment.

For the last 24 (ish) years, PvP has been my main gig while I worked occasionally on side projects to keep things interesting.

I've turned 50. PvP is soon to turn 25. I've changed a lot. The world has changed a lot. And my career is passing through a liminal space into what appears to be a new big chapter.

You may or may not have heard, but I got a literary agent. We sold a middle-grade version of Table Titans to Holiday House publishing!  It's a lot of work (each book is going to run 200 plus pages), but it's a thrilling opportunity and I've never been more excited to be a cartoonist. My hope is that over the next three to five years I can transition from being a daily web-cartoonist to being a kid-lit author and educator. I love cartooning and I would love to pass on what I've learned. My hope is that with Table Titans and some side projects, I can inspire kids to create their own stories and make their own comics.

I still love PvP and making the strip. I know a lot of daily cartoonists, both syndicated and independent ones, get to a point where they want to quit their main series. Not everyone can be Charles Schulz. I'm not there yet. But I need to make more time for new things. PvP will always be important to me, but for the first time, it's taking a backseat to other projects instead of the other way around. Once I get my new schedule worked out, PvP will find a realistic and consistent posting schedule. It'll happen.

But there's a lot of "spring cleaning" to do around here first. I need to refresh this site for starters. I need to set a pretty tight schedule for myself. And I need to make some decisions on how best to utilize our Patreon to better entertain and educate those of you who have supported me for over two decades. Not to mention we need to finish up our long-overdue Kickstarter projects (I have help for that, thank goodness). We'll get it done. It's all very exciting, actually. 

Look, it's been a rough couple of years for EVERYONE. And frankly, I feel nobody has been responsible for anything beyond basic survival and self-care. If you managed to do that AND create something, give yourself a pat of the back for a job well done.

Things are looking up, I think.