Winter of the Iron Dwarf

Table Titans is back!

Season two of our sister comic strip starts today. This season is entitled "The Winter of the Iron Dwarf" and takes the Titans deep into the icy north of the Forgotten Realms as they deal with the reprecussions of The Sundering. It's a story on an epic scale that includes dwarven citadels, dangerous caravans through the Underdark, armies of orcs, and more. We've assembled an amazing team of titanic talent to help me up my game this year. Brian Hurtt, artist of The Sixth Gun has come on board to do breakdowns, taking my script and teaching me how best to stage the action on the page. Steve Hamaker, colorist on Bone and Rasl will be bringing my pages to life with his vibrant hues and painterly strokes of his wacom stylus. And of course Cory Casoni will be doing everything he can to herd cats and keep us all well ahead of deadline.

We've all been working behind the scenes for months on this new story and we're so excited you finally get to see it. So be sure to bookmark the site,, and come back every Tuesday and Thursday for another chapter in our exciting adventure. And if you're new to Table Titans, you've got a whole year of stories to catch up on, so dive in.

And if you really want to keep up to date with us, including our convention appearances, special merchandise and other announcements, be sure to follow Table Titans on both twitter and facebook.

Let's roll!