Who Knew?

I’ve apparently confused a lot of you

A lot of people thought Max had already come out. That’s true. He did come out to Jade last after she bumped into Max and his boyfriend at the market. And of course, when Max’s sister, Sonya came to visit, we discovered that she knew as well. And of course, it only took one awkward kiss for Lucille to figure out things out. But a lot of people were under the impression that Cole and Brent had already known for a while now.

Kind of.

There was a storyline I did during Thanksgiving 2008. Max confronted Cole and Brent about them always being so mean to him. The whole thing lead to a debate on whether Max stole Cole’s girlfriend back in college and if he was, in fact, gay. It ended with this strip. Max never admits he’s gay here. He just points out it shouldn’t matter either way. So it’s not surprising that he got the reaction he got today. Look, I’m not a very good writer.

Oh! Also…a couple people on twitter have asked if I’m going to address the way Francis has, in the past, been portrayed as a typical homophobic teen gamer. In years past, Francis loved to use the word “Gaaaayyy.” Yes. Absolutely I am going to be addressing that.

Stay tuned.