Welovefine partners with PvP to make cool things

for fans by fans

Today I'm proud to announce that we've partnered with the internationally recognized fashion force and brand innovator WeLoveFine.com to produce PvP and Table Titans merchandise.  WeLoveFine is a powerhouse of talented artists and designers eager to bring their decade-plus years of experience to the PvP/Table Titans lines, and we couldn't me more excited to be working with them.

We're launching today with a mix of classic tees and brand new designs with many more to come in the following weeks and months. WeLoveFine likes to say they are "for fans, by fans", and that philosophy will absolutely apply to our line as well. The products we design are heavily influenced by reader feedback. We like making things that YOU want. If there's something you wish was on a shirt or a print, or if there's a product that you wish existed that currently isn't offered in our store, please let us know.

WeLoveFine will also be joining us at the San Diego Comicon in booth 1235 where all of our new shirts will be available for purchase. It's going to be our most ambitious San Diego setup to date. Tee shirts for days. I'm already planning to build a tee shirt fort in the booth for quick naps during the show. It's going to be amazing.

Remember those PvP merch ads over there to the left of our blog? You know, those ads your brain learned to ignore because they've never changed ONCE in the last year...well start paying attention again. Because the artists over at WeLoveFine are crazy fans of our stuff and they never stop submitting new designs. Expect those boxes to update quite often in the coming months.

What are you waiting for? Go check our our brand new line of shirts over at WeLoveFine!