Welcome To The New PvPonline.com

Welcome to the shiny new PvPonline.com. I was looking through old notebooks trying to determine which number this version is. We’re somewhere between 8 and 10. My records are, sadly, inaccurate.

What can be easily recalled is that each site redesign was prompted by a set of creative challenges and this redeisgn is no different. Luckily, I had an amazing team of designers to help me.

The first thing that Levin Sadsad and the design team at Ok Domo did after taking me on as a client was present me with a detailed questionnaire that forced me to really think about the purpose of the site and the focus of my content and my business. This was all before we ever touched stylus to Wacom to even think about a new look.

The results have been magical. Levin really encouraged me to rethink my approach to presenting my webcomic and encouraged me to use the tools at hand, my own characters, to invite readers old and new to investigate their stories. The site has only been up one day and already I’m getting emails from readers who have had a ball going back and rediscovering comics they had forgotten about. I think Levin said it best on his Ok Domo facebook page:

“We really wanted to create several ways for new readers to get introduced to PvP. We ended up agreeing on four ways: a new casts section, featured story spotlight, featured character spotlight, and my favorite, the redesigned archive section. I feel the addition of these sections will encourage readers new and old to explore the archives.”

And this new design will finally address one of my biggest problems, people coming up to me at conventions and saying “I didn’t know you were doing__________.”

You’ll want to pay attention to this blog on a regular basis as the staff of PvP have all been given their own accounts and will be blogging frequently.

in fact, Cole Richards, PvP’s editor in chief and resident Dungeon Master will be posting every Wednesday, starting this week, with tips, tricks and adventure hooks that you can put to use in your own roleplaying groups. So don’t miss that.

As with all new site launches, we’re going to have some things break or go wonky in the first week. If you catch something that doesn’t go away after a day you can email us using mail (at) pvponline (dot) com and we’ll address it. We welcome your feedback.

Oh and one more thing…

I have a team of dedicated volunteers who are painstakingly transcribing all 3000 plus comic strips in the archives. And since our new site is now built using the Expression Engine content management system, we’ll be able to have a searchable archives built right in. No need for a third party service.

So very soon, you’ll be able to search the archives based on the dialog as well as the title.