We can rebuild it. Make it stronger

So Monday was an interesting day.

We launched our new Tabletop Roleplaying hub over at Tabletitans.com to much fanfare. I mean, you guys loved it so much. So what could ruin that runner's high? Oh, how about a bunch of hackers totally razing my website (and the websites of some other very classy people) to the ground and dancing on the ashes. Noice!

But look, you can't make a Six Million Dollar Man without having a horrific plane crash first (kids ask your parents). The good news is that PvP is really just a string of fart jokes plugged into a CMS, and we got copies on a thumbdrive around here somewhere. So in the meantime, we've put up this temp page. But in the other room there's a lot of bleeps and tweeps and blips and clinking of surgical steel. We're gonna rebuild this thing into a better PvP. One that goes dunn-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh when it runs in slow motion.

Meanwhile, I can't thank all of you enough for the love you've shown this week. The attention, adoration and participation we're recieving over at Table Titans is nothing short of mind blowing. I think we already have over 500 submitted stories and everyone is saying such nice things all over the web. There is so much more to come, you guys haven't even seen the tip of this iceberg.

Okay. I'm gonna split. I have a ton to draw and write today. I am bursting I'm so excited to show it to you.