Update on Dad

Dad gets out of the hospital on Thursday.

At that point, his in-patient rehab stops and his outpatient rehab starts. I won't have a daily 30 minute drive each way to see him and my shedule can hopefully return to some semblance of normal. I really apprecaite all the kind words, well-wishes and encouragement from you readers to not worry about my posting schedule and focus on dad. And while I greatly appreciate the sentiment, know that every day I don't get content posted it feels like my whole career is falling down around me. It's a terrible feeling. I hate it.

Dad's improving and is in good spirits. It'll be nice to have him out of the hospital and home where he's more comfortable, and can be with his dog (who misses him and I'm pretty sure is sick of me).

I want to go home. I miss my forest moon.