Up and Rolling

Okay, nobody breathe. I think we finally got everything back up and running. All systems alpha-go, confirmative.

Table Titans is chugging along at a very keen pace as well. PvP's first "child" is like a newborn fawn up on its feet and prancing around confidently. I'm very proud of all the hard work and effort that we've put into the strip and the site. And thanks to all of you for being so engaged and invested. We're glad you love it.

Neither Dungoens nor dragons are anything new to us here at PvP. The gang have been avid roleplayers since the strip started in 1998. So to celebrate Table Titan's successful launch, I thought I would dive into the PvP archives and pick some of my favorite strips where Cole and Company sat down to roll dice. Enjoy!

We're all worried about Andy

Hide And Seek

Nerrrddd fiiigghhht!

Lost the RPG

The one where they played D&D