The first PvP comic strip was posted online May 4th, 1998. Which makes today, PvP’s 20th anniversary. I started this comic when I was 27 years old. I’m 47 now.

It feels like this should be an important day. That there should be some fanfare. But even the people closest to me probably don’t realize what today is. If I worked at a corporate job there would probably be cake. Hell, if you work at Blizzard Entertainment you get a stein after two years, A sword after five, and shield at ten.

I had big plans for my 20th. It was going to be a really special year. I wanted to celebrate it and launch a couple projects around it. But things got crazy and to quote Dennis Miller, my plans got “stomped like a narc at a biker rally.” So today is just gonna come and go.

I’m proud of myself, though. All the comic strips I read growing up that I found groundbreaking and inspiring didn’t last this long. Calvin and Hobbes only made it ten years, Bloom County nine. The Far Side went fifteen years. All the greats went super long though. Sparky made it fifty years, and Jim’s celebrating 40 years of garfield very soon. So twenty’s not too shabby.

We’re still going to celebrate. We’re going to be printing beautiful PvP books soon. Definitive editions. We’ll mark the occasion. Life just got in the way of getting it all ready before today came and went.

I don’t have kids. This comic, my work, is my child. My legacy. I thought twenty years would feel different. But it just feels like every other day. I feel like I’m just getting started actually. Like I’m finally coming into my own and can start making the comics I’ve always dreamed of.

I always make a point to thank you all for supporting me. For giving me this life. For being there at all the shows and signings and online. But today, is it okay if I just pat myself on the back? Is that unforgivable? Because I did work for this. I did sacrifice. I did take it on the chin a lot. I did earn this. I just...want that recognized a little.

Today at least.