There’s no I in PAX

I’ve always tried to make a habit of saying “we” instead of “I” when blogging.

I always thought that if I said “we” instead of just “me” it would make the work seem more important. It was a writer’s affect I took on to sound less like a solo-act.

This year’s PAX made me realize that without knowing it, I was right the whole time. PvP has been a group effort from the beginning. I get to do what I do because of a passionate, and evangelical readership who go out of their way to keep me creating. There is absolutely no place on earth that is more evident than at PAX.

PAX for me this year was a perverse venn diagram of blessings. One circle is PvP, One is the D&D podcasts, and the third is the Kris and Scott stuff. The place where all the circles overlap is PAX.

Nothing that happened at PAX was solo act. Our live shows on Thursday and Sunday night were produced by Liz Smith who not only booked the venue and lined up Card Kingdom as a sponsor for the show but got us all our amazing guests and made sure Kris and I just had to show up and go out on stage. Loading Ready Run, Stepto, Mikey Neumann, Patrick Rothfuss, Paul and Storm and Frontalot al brought their passion to our stage to entertain our audience. Scott Campbell drew an amazing watercolor caricature for our show posters. The staff at the Triple Door took great care of us and our guests. And everyone who paid to come out, man. What a great audience. Just outstanding.

The live D&D podcast this year was our best to date I think. Certainly our funniest (Thanks Kris for the gut-busting D&D blams). Chris Perkins is an sublime Dungeon Master and the set piece and table-diorama he created to play on were incredible. Mike, Jerry and Wil were hilarious on stage as usual and the crowd was amazing, cheering us on as we played. I really am glad that we used the D&D next play test rules because combat went fast and we got a lot of gaming in. Which can be difficult in two hours of performing. So many people worked on that live game, it’s unreal.

I couldn’t walk ten feet on the con floor without someone stopping to say thanks to me. Or to tell me how much they loved Binwin or PvP or the web series. My favorite night of the show was after my “evening with Scott Kurtz” panel. I had just spent an hour or two sharing personal stories with an audience that was so receptive, so kind and so appreciative that I felt like I was hanging out with friends. I shared a lot of personal stuff that night and everyone was very respectful of that and so many of you made time to come up afterwards and share your stories with me as well. Just magical.

After announcing my new comic Table Titans one PAX attendee asked me if I was biting off more than I could chew. Absolutely I am. I want to create as much as I can while so many people are excited about my work, and while I still have the energy and excitement to create it. PAX Prime 2012 is to date, the best convention experience I’ve ever had. I’m happier than ever doing what I do and I’m so blessed to have a readership like you guys along for the ride pushing me along and keeping it going.

We just couldn’t be more excited.