The Terror of Haverford

Your travels have brought you to the village of Haverford, nestled deep in the Welkinwood on the banks of the Coldrun River. Rumors abound of vicious attacks in these woods by some unknown terror, and as you approach Haverford, you take comfort in the thought that there is safety in numbers. However, the village looks anything but welcoming.

Thus begins the very first playable adventure set in the Table Titans universe of The Fallen Veil.

The Terror of Haverford is a 50 page adventure module for first level characters written to be played with the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. (You can find everything you need to run this adventure in the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, free online at!).

Table Titans fans will recognize the village of Haverford, and the plight it faces, from the comic’s first season. However, in this adventure players aren’t simply retreading the Titans’ footsteps, nor do they take on the roles of the characters from the comic (unless they want to). Rather, this module is a chance for players to create their own heroes and forge their own path—one that leads to a very different conclusion from Table Titans, as they come face to face with the evil terrorizing Haverford.

This module is available as a digital download at and is currently on sale for $4.99. So check it out and let us know what happens at your table.

Happy adventuring!