The Gaming Fez

You never know what will resonate with readers

Back in the early days of PvP, Skull the Troll wore a special hat that helped him be better at video games. Much like Dumbo and his feather, Skull was convinced that his gaming fez gave him the leet skillz that he exhibited every time he would put it on. it was always fun to draw. the top of Skull’s head is shaped like a fez. Like someone took a bucket of wet, packed sand, turned it upside down and plopped it on a big beach ball. So the fez fit right over and covered his eyes.

People really liked Skull in that fez. I partnered with a hat company in San Diego one year and produced some felt PvP fezzes. Every once in a while I run into people at cons who still own one, and wear them out once in a while.

The gaming fez was a staple of early PvP. And it all started here, twelve years ago.