The Force Awakens - No Spoilers

We got new Star Wars over the Christmas break and I haven't talked about it with you yet. So let's talk about it a little.

Star Wars and nostalgia are conjoined twins. The Franchise and my childhood share the same heart. You can't seperate them and have both survive.

The movie hit on the 18th and I didn't see it until the 24th because that was the soonest I could see it with my father and my brother in the same theatre. And it was worth the wait. Papa read spoilers ahead of time, he confessed. The reason why is that since his stroke, he sometimes has trouble following modern movies because they move so fast. His fear was that he would miss out and not enjoy it. So by reading ahead he was better prepared to understand everything that was happneing. We didn't begrudge him the infraction. It made sense and his intent was to enjoy the movie with his boys.

And boy did he. Despite having spoiled certain plot points for himself, Dad was a blubbering mess during the movie. Several times he would start crying and I would reach over and pat him on his shoulder. My brother and I were constanly shooting each other looks of excitement and satisfaction.

I've never had a film make me feel so young and so old at the same time as TFA. You can't help but feel like a kid in that theatre. But then you see how old the original cast has gotten. You look over at your 71 year old dad and 41 year old "little brother" who is now a dad himself. God, has it really been 35 years? We all got so old.

On top of it all, I feel a little guilty about enjoying this movie. I feel bad about having thrown such a fit over how bad the prequels were. I left TFA thinking to myself "Was that so fucking hard?" Just tell us what happens next and for God's sake have some fun doing it. Yes, I was a big baby about the prequels and I threw a tantrum. But this is why!  I always knew that Star Wars would return once it got into the hands of the people it inspired. Why couldn't Geroge Lucas see that? Does he have to be such a sour shit about it all? Can't he just be the elder statesman who passes the baton and overlooks with benevolence?

So yeah, I feel a little bittersweet about The Force Awakens. Excited it's back, sad that we all got so old in the meantime. Thrilled to be watching new stories, sad to see the man who created this world looking in from the outside.

Star Wars and Superman were a big part of my moral compass as a kid, and that has carried over into my adulthood. That's how important this stuff is to me any why I get so ranty when these movies miss the mark so blatantly. I sound ridiculous sometimes, I know. But only because modern society insists on labeling these stories "entertainment" instead of what they truly are: