Thank You!

The Binwin's Minions Kickstarter has funded!

Normally, our Kickstarter campaigns fund on day two or three. So of course once Binwin is involved, everything gets complicated. It took us most of the month to fund this time around but we did it. You did it. Thank you so much for supporting our work, backing the Kickstarter and spreading the word. Now Binwin and his team will get their own book and we'll be able to sell them in stores, online and at shows. Which will only introduce more people to Binwin's Minions.

Thank you also to everyone who came to see us at GenCon and PAX. Two big shows that are pretty much back-to-back but worth all the effort. What an amazing time. Turn out to both shows were huge and response to Table Titans and PvP was enormous. We debuted our Adventure Journals at GenCon and our official Garfield pins at PAX and both were met with a lot of fanfare. So we're thrilled.

We get a bit of a rest before PAX Unplugged (which we're super excited about).

Thanks again for the support during what was a very tough month for everyone. It means the world to us. We love making this content for you and look forward to making even more.