Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters KICKSTARTER!

It is time.

We at Toonhound Studios are thrilled to announce our first solo Kickstarter project: Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters! It's been in the works for months as we did our due diligence, crunched the numbers and worked with our partners to secure some really unique rewards for our backers. Now it's time to press the button and make it live.

Table Titans Volume 1: First Encounters is a Kickstarter exclusive collection of the first season of your favorite Dungeons and Dragons inspired comic. This is the book you've been asking for all these months and we want to make it something really special for all the fans who have shown such incredible support since the comic launched in January of last year.

These Kickstarter exclusive versions of book one will have special cover design and treatments that are only available to backers and will not be sold in stores or online. We want to give you, the fans, first crack at these books and we want you to have a special edition that nobody else gets.

When we first started the comic a year ago we had no idea the outpouring of love we'd receive from fans of the comic. Ever since we wrapped up the first season we've been getting asked about a print edition. So much so that it became clear to us that we NEEDED to Kickstart this book. Because alone we could print these comics but TOGETHER we can create a tome worthy of our fans!

Now, one thing you're not going to see on our Kickstarter page today is a cover design for this book. That's because the first goal of this project is to hire the award-winning book designer of the Scott Pilgrim and Sixth Gun graphic series, Mister Keith Wood! And it only gets better from there. With your help we can fill the books with extras, bonus content, and special features. Every penny we earn from the Kickstarter will be put right back into these books.

I'm also excited to tell you that we've been working with our partner to bring you some really amazing backer rewards to thank you for your support. Including kickstarter exclusive tee shirts, a plush 3D Beholder dice bag, a 5" Val the Barbarian vinyl figure, and more.

And for those Pinny Arcade collectors out there, we have a special Table Titans edition Pinny Arcade pin just for you.

So HUZZAH and thank you! Our Kickstarter is live so please take a look. Together we're going to make an amazing book and a fantastic piece of art. Chose your rewards wisely and remember: "Titans never say die!"