Table Titans V2 Kickstarter FINAL DAY

We know that most of you fantastic Titans have already pledged to the Table Titans V2 Kickstarter, but in case you haven’t we wanted to let you know that with less than 24 hours left there hasn’t been a better time to become a Backer!
We’ve already unlocked all but one of the Stretch Goals. That means that if you become a V2 Backer today you’re going to get all this stuff.
Just like last time we needed a big finish and so this afternoon we unleashed the Ultimate Final Stretch Goal: TABLE TITANS GAME TOKENS!
100 Monsters, Heroes, Traps, and Treasures, from the Table Titan’s own Fallen Veil campaign setting. This set will include all of the monsters and NPCs from both the Table Titans Terror of Haverford and the NEW Adventure Module from V2 that’s already being added to all the reward tiers. There will also be a whole slew of additional minis that you can use for any of your home-brew adventures.
Printed in full-color on thick cardstock, in a standard RPG scale, and ready to adorn your next play-session’s battlemap, these cardboard minis are exactly what the DM ordered.
It’s a big push but you've been asking us to make Table Titans minis for a while now and we're confident that together we can get it done. So if you haven’t Backed Table Titans V2 Kickstarter yet, now’s the time.
Spread the word and remember: Titans Never Say Die!