Sumo Microseude Gamer

My brother has written another review for a new Sumo gaming bag:

The microsuede gamer is another solidly constructed chair from Sumo with an inner and outer bag for easy cleaning. Trust me when I tell you that you never want to order a bag from Sumo without a removable cover. Especially if you have kids or dogs. But remember these are gaming chairs and none of us game without a snack and drink nearby.

Back in the last 70’s which none of you remember, we had to settle for vinyl bean bag chairs filled with foam beads. Duct tape was the only recourse for the horror of a popped zippers and cracked vinyl. Sumo bags are the superior evolution of this classic.

We went with the rose pink microsuede that is incredibly durable and vibrantly colored. These chairs are brilliant in their simplicity and they are built to last. You never have to worry about throwing yourself into it and popping a stitch or zipper. I’m a big guy who’s pretty hard on these bags and they don’t seem to mind me.  I have had similar bags from Sumo for years and they are as beautiful and useful now as they were the first day I got them.

Short of washing the outer bag now and again these chairs require no maintenance. They sit on the floor beckoning you to sit in them to play a game, read a book, take a nap or jump into them from high distances.

My five-year-old is convinced that her microsuede chair doubles as stunt bag. No running jump is too fast and no staircase it to high. One interesting thing about this chair that I have noticed is that it really maintains its shape. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mind fluffing a Sumo before I sit in them, but it seems unnecessary with this one. Maybe it’s the unique shape, but it always seems round and self-fluffed and ready to go

I have to admit that this chair is not an ideal size for me to recline, read or nap, but it does work great for playing games and upright sitting (Keep in mind I’m 6’7” and a big guy to boot). This chair is perfect for kids and normal sized adults and it’s light enough for my daughter to move around.

I asked my daughter if she had any comments she wanted to add and she insisted I let everyone know that the Sumo suedegamer comes in many colors, but "pink was the best."