Sumo bag review

Over the last couple of years, the good people at Sumo Lounge have sent us more of their product than we have square footage for. I actually started offering these things to friends and family because I just didn't have the space.

So when we got some new office space, and we had extra square footage and a need for seating, of course I dropped them an email. Sumo was happy to deck out the Toonhound HQ and sent us their Sultan and Gigantor bags.

My only request was that they send us bags with removable covers that can be machine washed, because we can't keep our dogs off these bags and there are ususally three professional shedders and two professional droolers walking around this office at any given time. This didn't phase the people at Sumo in the slightest. Both of these bags have removable covers that we can drop in the wash. I can also say that the bag comes highly endorsed by my three year old niece (who is also good at making a mess).

Probably the biggest endorsement comes from our biz guy Eric, who can't stop throwing himself into the sultan like a hobbit jumping into the brandywine river.

Both bags are enormous, soft, can hold multiple occupants and easily could double as comfortable bedding. I would have no issues if a friend putting me up for a night offered me a sultan as my bed for the evening. Lord knows the potential for napping has increased the moment these bags entered our front doors. We picked the suede covers for our bags, but I've tried the courdory covers as well and they are very snuggly.

We're big fans of Sumo here (even before they started sending us bags) and in the almost decade they've been sending us their products we've only kinda not liked one of them. We never have any trouble talking about the products we like, we love sharing this stuff with you. So if you have never consider Sumo before, check it out. Especially if you like napping, and have kids or dogs.

A++ would nap again