Strip Searchers

As PAX East 2013 comes to an end, and I drag my old body to the airport to head home, I'm reminded that the convention circuit is young man's game.

Cons take a lot out of me, and I find myself taking breaks through the day just so I don't burn out before the expo hall closes. And it doesn't help that PAX was such an emotionally charged show this year. I have so much to talk about, so many stories to share. But I need time for my muscles to knit and my bones to stop aching. I also need some time to collect my thoughts.

During the show I got to know the contestants of Strip Search a little better. If you're not watching Penny Arcade's new web-series you need to. These young cartoonists are so eager, determined and talented. Lest anyone think that working inside PA HQ gives me some insight into what happened during filming, let me assure you I have no more information than any other viewer. All filming happened out of the office and everyone was, appropriately, tight lipped about what went down. So I'm biting my nails watching just like everyone else.

I asked the strippers if any of them were interested in drawing some PvP panels that I could run this week while my body reconstitutes and they were eager to sit down and start sketching. God bless them all.

Today, we get a hilarious moment with Skull and Scratch from Tavis Maiden and an formidable shot of Val from Monica Ray. You need to check out both of their websites. Also, I'm told that Monica has an indiegogo campaign started to publish her first book if any of that interests you.

Okay. Off to the airport. Time to get back to Seattle. I hope I can sleep on the plane.

More soon!