Stretch goals a plenty

Kickstarter update--You guys kick ass!

You completely funded our campaign within 30 hours and we’re not very far from not our 1st but our 3rd stretch goal. Let’s recap real fast:

  • You’ve already secured Keith Wood as our book designer. Keith designed all the Scott Pilgrim and Sixth Gun books for Oni Press, and is designed every gorgeous edition of Table Titans book one. We’re really excited to have Keith continuing to make this work shine for us.
  • You’ve already secured more Tales from the table, that’s YOUR fan-submitted gaming stories illustrated by Tenko King creator Tavis Maiden.
  • Within sight is our 42k stretch goal, which is a fully playable Table Titans adventure written by Scott A Woodard, author of the Sixth Gun RPGs and a writer on the Doctor Who audio dramas (yes, THE Doctor).

So please spread the word about our campaign. We want to bring you as much amazing content as we can, and there’s still plenty of time to pledge and be a part of the Table Titans experience.

Thank you!!