Story Spotlight - Shecky

No character has been more universally hated among PvP readers, than poor Shecky.

Even more than the LOLbat, who has had no lack of haters. Sheckles Montgomery Troll, cousin to our beloved Skull the Troll was probably a very ill-advised idea on my part. I personally liked the idea of fleshing out the concept of Skull being from somewhere, and having relatives. In a very Carl Barks/Duckberg kind of way. So I introduced Skull’s ne’er-do-well cousin, Shecky, a character comprised completely of tropes. And he landed with a resounding Thud!

Judge for yourself. As Shecky’s first appearance is this week’s PvP story spotlight.

If after reading that, you decide you like the idea of Shecky, and want to read more, he did make a subsequent appearance years later that I thought was pretty fun, and added some depth to his character. You can read that story here.

I have not brought Shecky back into continuity for quite some time. Maybe he’s due to appear again. You never know. I like to dangle him like a sword of damocles over the head of my readership. Shecky could drop in at any moment. You never know…

At. Any. Moment.