Stories are important

A couple years ago, I took a break from my booth at PAX East and took the elevator up to a green room we were provided with to rest and get away from the noise. Cory, my partner in crime, came up a few minutes later to join me for a spell and we got to talking.

I was lamenting that PvP wasn't a timeless comic strip like Peanuts or Calvin and Hobbes. That it was too reliant on pop-culture and wouldn't survive my pushing it as a feature. That maybe I should have worked harder to make a comic strip that was broader, less niche. Something that could really, you know, touch people.

What I didn't know was that we weren't the only ones in the green room. A young lady was taking a rest of her own in the back, lying down on some coats I believe. She stood up and told me that PvP was very important to her and that she disagreed that it wasn't timeless. That I did a story-line once where Francis was upset because Marcy went to college and changed and he didn't go to college and stayed the same. And it made her realize she was stagnating a bit. And she teared up because she was sad that I didn't believe that PvP was important.

But it is important. All stories are important. YOUR story is important. Your photopgraphy, your sculpture, your dacing, your music, your writing, your's important. And taking the time to share your creativity, no matter what the format, will undeniably change the world. Maybe not a lot, maybe not for everyone. But I guarantee it will change it for someone. Creative expression is the closest thing we have to magic in this world.

Don't wait to create. Tell your stories. They matter.