SPONSOR: Top Class Actions

One of the coolest things about this job is getting to know the people who have been reading PvP for the last 20 plus years.

It's fun to hear about your families, hobbies, and careers. Some of you have some pretty interesting jobs. Case in point, PvP reader Scott Hardy.

Back in 2008, Scott saw the need for a website that not only consolidated but clearly explained news about class actions in a consumer-friendly way. Look, sometimes companies goof and consumers pay the price. When action is taken, how is a consumer to even know? Well, Scott assembled a team of journalists to report on the latest class action news as it breaks. And he must be doing a great job at it because his site has a six-million monthly reach and a newsletter of over 800,000. Not too shabby.

So Scott and I were talking about how cool our name was and he said "How funny would it be if Skull could take advantage of this dog food claim because he thought it was a person snack." and I said "That would be pretty hilarious actually. Want me to draw that?"

And Scott said, "I'll sponsor a whole week of strips if you want."

So this week, in addition to MORT, enjoy this "long-lost" week of PvP when Skull thought Dog Food was people food. And check out Scott Hardy's website Topclassactions.com. It was really cool of him to sponsor these strips.

Click the strips below for larger versions!