SmashMuck Champions

We've been playing our fair share of MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arena) around the office lately. So when newcomer SmashMuck Champions came on the scene at PAX last year with their murderball inspired, team focused gameplay, featuring fan-generated champions, we knew we needed in.

Months of beta and many 3v3 Plunderball tourneys later (our favorite game type) we were hooked. SmashMuck is fast paced, group focused action. There's five different game types to fit any players pleasure; ranging from the aforementioned capture the flag style Plunderball to the truly inspired Gauntlet, where your team tries to accomplish a variety of increasingly difficult timed challenges while fending off an AI controlled robo assault. The best part about SmashMuck is there is no one specific winning strategy; so don't be afraid to try something crazy. Games are fast enough for the casual player to jump in and out, but deep enough for the enthusiast to go min maxi. In short, the game is just plain fun.

Last week the game went open beta on Steam and the SmashMuck team was kind enough to let us add some PvP flavor to the mix with a new skin and weapon for one of our favorite champions, the robotic corporate assassin Z-314. So go download the game on Steam, grab the Dungeon Master Z skin and Boom Stick, team up with your friends and Smash some Mucks!