Save City of Heroes

Save city of heroes

I was sad to hear that NCSoft was shutting down City of Heroes

The Super-hero themed MMO has close ties to PvP. Back in 2004, after getting hooked on the game myself, I did a series of strips about COH that were so well received that NCSoft approached me to collect them into a comic book. The comic was included in the collectors edition DVD box set. That year, NCSoft provided us with copies of the game to give out with a purchase of $50 or more at the PvP booth at the San Diego Comicon. Needless to say that was our best sales year to date. And more recently, Paragon Studios asked us to create a custom mission featuring our own super-hero the LOLbat.

Being a big comic book fan, I was ecstatic when City of Heroes was released and we played it non-stop from launch. My first hero was an ice blasted named Zamboni. Later I created the swashbuckling En Garde and started up a super-group. I absolutely LOVED creating my own heroes, combining powers and costumes with funny names. Pummel Granite, Catfight, Smartalec, Moonchild, Landshark and Eskimo Spy. We had a complete blast.

I have not played City of Heroes in quite a while, but the game still has a very strong and passionate player base. I wasn’t sure at first how or if I could help. Stories are coming in that NCSoft is in talks with investors and possibly trying to find a way to make something happen. I’m not sure of the details. but everyone agrees that talking about it and keeping the game in the spotlight can only help the cause. So here are some links to learn more (courtesy of John C. Wright’s blog):

The announcement from NCSoft

The online petition asking NCSoft not to shut down the game

City of Heroes is intertwined in the history of our comic strip. So many of our readers discovered PvP because of the game. I don’t want it to die. I don’t know what I can do to stop it from going away other than talking about it. Please join me in that.

Spread the word.