Review - Sumo Omni Flex

Hello, Brian Kurtz here, Scott's brother and recepient of every review Sumo product he's offered. Sumo loves sending us new chairs to review and Scott's house is at max capacity. Which is lucky for me because I have a great dane and a five year old and there's no shortage of need for comfy soft surfaces at my home. I've been a fan of Sumo since their classic bean-bags provided me a soft resting place during many a PAX, and their quality and attention to detail has only improved since those early days.

Sumo sent me the Omni Flex and I reviewed it immediately, and then Scott sat on the review and then dad got sick. So this is WAY overdue. But I blame Scott and Dad. I did my part. smile

Product Details and Adult Use:
When it comes to quality, the Omni-flex is no different. Solid construction and quality materials that are durable, stain resistant and comfortable. The Omni flex is a body pillow on steroids. Large enough to accomidate even my larger frame, the omni flex is deceptively light and easy to move from place to place. It’s great to have around the living room for extra seating. Perfect for throwing on the floor to comfortably watch a movie. The soft beads conform to the curves of your body and it’s easy to settle into and get comfortable. Above all, though the cover is removable and can be washed which is a must for me. Dogs and kiddos are messy.

Kids Use:
For my daughter, Miranda this Sumo bad is an invitation to have countless adventures. It’s large but so lightweight that she can take it around the house. She needs no assistance to drag it into a blanket fort so she has a soft place to sit or up the stairs and into a closet that is now her private cave. To her, it seems to be inviting her to jump into it. She jumps and rolls on it (sometimes off of things she should not, when Dad is not looking) and has an amazing time. When things slow down at night we lean against it to read books before bed and then I toss is on the ground at the side of her bed. She sometimes falls out of bed at night and it’s the perfect thing to catch her. 

I cannot say enough good things about the Omni Flex. It passes all my tests and Miranda and I use it all the time. Another great product from Sumo. I am hard pressed to find anything about this product that I don’t enjoy. It’s simple, functional and works great. We have just scratched the surface on it’s uses around the house. I actually plan on ordering a second one for the house since it's impossible to get away from my daughter.

The Sumo Omni Flex is available on Sumo's candian site, which does ship to the US. Check it out.

Great Job Again Sumo!