Real life heroics

Got to see some real-life heroics today when a woman three rows in front of us had a seizure 20 minutes into Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I heard a long moan, and looked towards it. I saw a hand extended out, the wrist bent and the hand and fingers cramped into unnatural positions. I knew immediately someone was having a seizure, but it didn't seem real. My brain witnessed it, but it wasn't until a man two seats to the right of the woman got up and said "Ma'am? are you okay?" That it registered that this was actually happening.

"She's having a seizure. Call 911."

The theatre we were in was one of those sit down, eat food while you watch places, and our theatre was filled with employees serving food. They ran out front and soon the movie was paused and the lights were up. Three men ran to the woman's aid, lying her down on her side and instructed everyone to just give her time to come out of it. I heard at least two people on phones explaining the situation to 911 operators in tandem.

A waitress brought a glass of water, but one man sent her away. You don't give someone having a seizure water, he said.

"She's coming out of it. She's conscious."
"She's not with anyone. Here's her ID."
"You had a seizure. you're going to be okay. Just stay calm. We've got you."
"I'll run out front and wait for the ambulance."
"Does anyone know CPR just in case?"
"I do."
"Me too."

These were the words being calmly spoken back and forth between strangers who all jumped to the aid of a woman in need. The one man who interacted with the woman was clearly experienced in first response. When he returned to our row, I told him "Thank you. That was really amazing."

"I worked first response for a bio-tech company. I have experience. She's going to be okay."

The paramedics came, the woman walked out of the theatre and everyone returned to their seats. The manager came in to tell us they were rewinding the movie a bit and starting it up again. When they brought our checks the waitress told the man who impressed me "thank you, that was very kind of you." I think he paid the victim's tab. Of course he did. The whole thing was really scary, but we found out later she was okay and afterwards I was just filled with good feelings. Complete strangers came together in a time of need to help someone they didn't know. Because of course everyone did. What else would anyone do?

"People are good." I said to Angela. "It's easy to forget that watching the news and reading the internet. But people are good."

By the way, the movie....was FUCKING AMAZING!