Princess The Troll

Got a really heartwarming email from PvP reader, and world's best Dad, Kelley Greene. He wrote:

"My daughter, now nine, loves Skull the Troll.  so much so that her imaginary friend for years has been Princess the Troll, Skull’s niece.  today we where walking through the local park and she stopped at the bridge that Princess lives under to visit. She stomped on the bridge and waited. she stomped again and while she wasn't looking I stomped back.  She turned to me and said that wasn’t Princess and that her Troll friend must be very busy lately because she hadn’t seen her in a while.  You know that look you get from your kids when they are trying to be “grown up” it was so sad."

I sent Kelley on a little recon mission to get some more details. I wanted to draw Princess in today's comic, but I was worried to draw someone Beth wouldn't recognize. Last night, bedtime stories went both ways.

"Princess looks like Skull only smaller, pink and with a bow on her head. she wanted to point out that the bow turns into a snake to eat people that are mean to her.  Beth was a little confused at my sudden interest in Princess but she was tired so i didn't get to many questions."

So there you have it. Princess the Troll, Skull's niece. Small and pink with a magic bow around her ears. Treat her sweetly, my friends. You don't want to mess with her.

Thank you Kelley and Beth for your really touching inspiration.