Play WoW Classic with us

So I got sucked into WoW Classic.

Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, I started a PvP fan guild called Panda Attack. Many friendships were forged, adventures were had, and many of us were killed by the thousands of players in the various Penny Arcade guilds. (we called it a target-rich environment, but it was honestly a blood-bath).

A few of the more lasting friendships from that bygone era have rekindled and we've started a new guild in Wow Classic. And my buddies in the new guild asked me to put out the call for new friends. If you have been considering dipping your toe into classic, revisiting vanilla Azeroth and want some friends to run with, please consider our guild.

We're horde-side on the Fairbanks server. Our guild is called "get off my lawn" and you can message myself (Grimspell) or some of our other officers Exec, Caezer or Trollnado.

See you, hopefully, online.