PAX West Recap

'What a piece of work is a PAX! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty!"

These words were spoken by William Shakespere in the year Nineteen-oldtimes and they are truer today than they ever have been. PAX is what happens when someone makes a convention that only people who like the things I make with my friends are invited to. It's a winning combination and this year it was made even better by somehow partnering with the Reeses corporation to make sure that there was always a minituarized box of Reeses Puffs cereal within three feet of where I was standing. That's peanut butter sorcery I can get behind.

Thank you to everyone who came by our booths in the Washington State Convention Center Biodome and the Tabletop annex to chat with us, pick up stuff and thank us for the things we make. Every one of you had such nice things to say and despite the fact that working the show for a (unreasonable) four days in a row totally exhausts us, we love it. And your support and kudos re-charges our batteries to come home and keep making new content for you to consume.

And so our 2016 convention season comes to an end. We retreat to our soulforges to enter the Odinsleep. Please don't wake us until it's time to prepare for PAX South in January 2017.

Keep reading. Keep writing. Thank you!