We're at PAX West 2018 this weekend and it's the first show I'll be in attendance at this year, so you should definitely stop by and say hi.
We've got a killer setup on the 6th floor at Table Titans booth 7609 with our friends from Codename Entertainment, the makers of Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, who we're teaming up with to promote Table Titans and Idle Champions with some special events at the booth.
You'll start by visiting our Binwin Bronzebottom Memorial Selfie Station where you can get a picture with our life-sized Binwin Bronzebottom cut-out, and get a Binwin postcard signed by myself and Idle Champions lead artist Adam Kosh. The postcard contains a code that unlocks Binwin in Idle Champions (free on Steam, so you should totally be playing). Adam will also be doing live drawing demonstrations on an overhead monitor so you can see how the digital sausage is made.
And all lovers of D&D should come to our booth Saturday at 12pm and again Sunday at 3pm to meet the cast of Dice, Camera, Action who will be signing an exclusive poster that features the entire Waffle Crew including Paultin AND Chris Perkins designed as characters in Idle Champions!
Tavis Maiden & Cory Casoni will also be at the booth all weekend signing copies of our new Binwin's Minions book. You should pickup a copy. Who could resist this face?
If cute Tavises aren't your thing then you should get me to sign a copy of Table Titans for you! I'll be at the booth everyday at 11am and 3pm signing, sketching, and chatting.
And of course, all weekend long we'll have a cavalcade of merchandise available for sale at our booth. Comics, gaming accessories like our Adventure Journals, DM Screens, plush dice bags, and tee shirts including our brand new Double Axe to the Back Tee!
We've also got some nighttime funs planned.
Friday night, join me for an Evening with Scott Kurtz at 9pm in the Wyvern theatre. I'll be telling stories, answering questions and having a nervous breakdown live on stage.
That same evening, at 10pm, Cory Casoni will be attending the Improv in the Hydra theatre for Roleplayers Handbook '2nd Edition'. Where a group of amazing gamers will teach you how to leverage the ancient art of improvisation to improve your favorite role-playing game.
This will be my first show of 2018 and I want to see you there. Come remind me that you still love what we make. Can't wait to see you there!