Pax South / Fallen Veil

Gonna bury the lede on this one:

We’re at PAX SOUTH 2017, Booth 10071.

We’re going to be selling a lot of awesome Toonhound Studios goodies: our books, tee shirts, and gaming accessories. In addition, we’ll have a brand new Pinny-Arcade pin featuring Thrax, the baby Dragon from Table Titans.

We’ll also be selling Patrick Rothfus’ adult horror mock-children’s book “Princess and Whiffle,” and beautiful Hex dice boxes and spellbooks from Elderwood Academy.

Tavis Maiden will be at our booth with Tenko King books and merchandise.

And on Friday night, at 5:30pm in the Cactus theatre, Chris Perkins will be taking myself and the Toonhound crew (Cory, Angela, Tavis and Bill Roper) through a quick adventure setting up our new game Binwin’s Minions. Come watch Binwin send his minions into certain death for wealth and fame.

But the big news is that we’re launching the Table Titans Patreon and our Fallen Veil campaign setting is a large part of it. Join and you'll not only help us playtest our new FALLEN VEIL CAMPAIGN SETTING, you'll help us build it! At least once a week we'll send you Alpha & Beta materials to test in you home game. Then, we'll all convene in Patron only forums where we'll take your feedback and work it into the final version of the game.

Spread the word. We want to build this new campaign setting WITH YOU. Join us. And please come by our booth and say hello.