PAX Prime is this weekend!

This year, the PvP/Table Titans booth will not be in bandland. No, I'm afraid the old and busted has been kicked out for the new hotness. Kris and I had to make space for the new upstarts, those baby-cartoonists from Stripsearch will be clogging up Bandland. But fear not, our booths will still be at PAX and we'll be sitting behind them waiting to say hello, sign your badges, and sell you things. Just be sure to look for us this year right next to the PA Merch booth in the area outside the exhibit hall that I like to call "the atrium."

I'm very excited this year to be participating in Pinny Arcade. I'll have an official Pinny Arcade pin on sale at the booth. I think you'll love the design. I'm being told by everyone that based on previous PAX experience, these pins could go fast. They're official, and if you're a completist, you'll need to get them before they run out.

pins ahoy

I'm also going to have a ton of PvP and Table Titans merchandise at the booth, including books, prints, tee shirts and a brand new item, the Adventurer's Kit messenger bag. Check it out.

the Adventurer's Kit

I'll be doing a couple panels. So check the schedule for details. On Friday night at 9:30 join me for an intimate evening with Scott Kurtz in the pegasus theatre. And of course on Saturday we'll be playing D&D live on stage as Aquisitions Incorporated continue their adventure into the Forgotten Realms.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at PAX!