PAX East 2017 & Binwin’s Minions!

It's time for PAX East and Toonhound Studios will be attending.

You can find us in the main expo hall in booth 10009! We're right next to Blizzard Entertainment.

pax east 2017

We'll have Table Titans books, our DM screen, Tee shirts, bags, Beholder Dice bags, Val Vinyl figures, and more. Also the Toonhound art crew (myself, Steve Hamaker and Tavis Maiden) will all be taking comissions. So come get some original art.

And if you miss Binwin Bronzebottom, be sure to queue up for the Binwin's Minions panel:

Saturday, 3/11 6:30-7:30 Condor Theatre

Binwin Bronzebottom is looking for a few good adventurers to help acquire all the loot from the Deep Mines of Yag’Onnadie. Join in the hilarity as Chris Perkins runs a live D&D game with Table Titans & Binwin’s Minions creators Scott Kurtz and Tavis Mainden, along with a full party celebrity-esque level 1 adventurers!

You can also listen to the audio from this panel and the previous Binwin's Minions panel from PAX South on our new Table Titans SoundCloud page!

Hope we see you all at PAX EAST!