PAX decompression

First a quick announcement about our website

Our servers have been going through some maintenance over the weekend and we’re still doing some fine tuning behind the scenes. It’s just a part of growing I guess, which is a nice problem to have. But in the meantime, I can post here, but uploading strips is proving difficult. So until you see them updating again on this very spot, head over to the PvP Facebook page for your daily dose. And thanks for the patience.

I feel like it’s going to take an entire year to process everything that happened at PAX prime 2012

That sounds like hyperbole, but it’s really not. This PAX was by far my most busy, most exciting and most outrageous convention experience. Kris and I performed two live shows, I participated in three panels (one of which was a life D&D game in front of thousands), and I teased a brand new comic project that’s going to debut in January of 2013. My voice is gone, my bones ache and I can’t get this sense of awe to lift from around my head.

I do want to write about this PAX. I just need some time. I’m going to be posting all week about it, so be sure to check the blog every day. In the meantime let me tell you what I can about this new project. We did tease it. And I’m using the word tease specifically because it’s not even been officially announced. Here’s what I can tell you right now:

- It’s called Table Titans.
- It features Val Bronzebottom and her gaming group.
- It will start in January 2013
- You can sign up for our newsletter at to be the first to get updates.

I really hope you do sign up for our newsletter on this one. I haven’t been this excited about a project since PvP started up. Well, that’s not exactly true because when PvP started I had no idea it would ever become what it’s become. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that I’ve never felt a project was as important to me since PvP started.

That’s a pretty great feeling.