one five

Mike and Jerry are celebrating 15 years of making a webcomic this week.

I remember vividly, talking on the phone with those two from my small duplex in Euless, Texas, discussing comics and what the future held. Now we're celebrating their 15th year. Crazy.

This week, Mike redrew the very first Penny Arcade comic strip. They're offering it as a print. Today I asked Mike how he liked redrawing that old comic and he said it was really fun and he encouraged me to go back and redraw the very first PvP comic strip. So I did. I will NOT be offering it as a print, and I did not enjoy looking back as much as Mike did. HA HA!

Congratulations to Mike and Jerry on their anniversary. Now we get to look back as well as forward. I wonder what the next 15 hold in store for you guys?

Only great things. Only great things.