New Digs

Ah, that's much better.

What is it about the new year and the idea of a fresh starts that we love so much? I think it's a good thing. It reminds us that there's always opportunity to grow, improve, and move ever forward. New year, new plans for both PvP and Table Titans as well as some new projects both from here inside Toonhound Studios and our friends. We wanted to give the site a bit of a refresh, tighten things up. Not too much because, like you, we fear change. I'm pretty happy with the results.

On our main page you'll find a quick and easy road map to everything creative we're currently working on, and over to the right in the sidebar, you'll find some invitations to either dive back into the archive to relive some favorite moments or visit some new comics from our friends that you may have yet to discover.

As with all new site designs, if you see something that's nagging you, or you find a corner that's pulling up, please drop us a note about it. Remember to be specific to help us narrow down the problem. Thanks in advance for taking the time to let us know if something's not quite right. We do appreciate it.

Big thanks to Cory Casoni and Evan Rowe for all their hard work on the site. I happily relinquished website design duties long ago, and my mental health is all the better for it.

I was just remembering that I used to keep track of what site version we were on, and we've done this so much over the years I've lost count. How crazy is that?