My dad had another stoke

Many of you are familiar with my dad either through the comic strip or meeting him at conventions, so I wanted to update everyone on some recent events.

Dad had a stroke while I was visiting him in Dallas with my brother. We were here to get his house ready for sale because Dad's moving to Seattle to live near us. But on the last day of our visit, we woke up to dad's left side not functioning properly so we called an ambulance and got him in the hospital. Dad had a stroke in 2011 but recovered from it. He was living independently, traveling with me to different conventions, and enjoying his retirement. This new stroke is in the same area as the last one and, while nobody wants to have a stroke, at least his brain has already bypassed this trouble area so his side effects aren't as severe.

He's lost the use of his left hand, but he can still move his arm. His legs are working, but his balance needs to be retrained. Rehab started yesterday. Everyone's confident he'll bounce back. Then, he'll come home with me to Seattle and we'll set him and his dog up in my home for the time being.

So for the month of February, I'm working remotely from my dad's house. In Texas. It's really built up here since I moved away. And by built up, I mean that the dead grass and sprawl of empty strip malls has expanded like some kind of urban virus. Everything is flat and vast and empty. I miss my trees.

Please forgive me if my scheudle is a little bumpy this month. I'm juggling things as best I can and trying to maintain a regular schedule. I have an amazing support team at Toonhound and making comics is cathartic and relaxing and frankly, is going to get me through this. If you're interested,  I'm posting updates about dad regularly on my instagram account.

The plan is for dad to see everyone in person at PAX West this year. 

Thanks for your continued support and hug your loved ones smile