For the next couple of weeks, PvP is going to be taking a back seat to a new comic strip I've been working on.

Many of you know of my father, and some of you have met him at conventions like PAX. He's been a character in the strip and in our panels and podcats. These days, Dad's living in a group home not too far from where I live. He's had a couple of strokes over the last few years and is suffering from vascular dementia. He's still my dad, just not the person he used to be.

My therapist suggested to me that I schedule a time to grieve my father. His loss is an ambiguous one and my grieving him could be long and sustained. She suggested spending one hour each day doing nothing else but grieving. Maybe that meant going for a walk, writing poetry, or crying into a pillow. I started sketching little doodles of my father. Then I drew this guy.

It didn't take long for me to start making a comic strip around him and my father. A comic strip I'll now be sharing on this site with you.

It's called "Mort" and it's about Death. Like, the guy in the black robe with the scythe that shows up at your door when it's your time. But our Mort is not the Death we're used to. He's no Joe Black. Because when death showed up at my dad's house, he didn't bring a sickle and a robe. He brought a bong and a duffle bag and he moved in. He plopped his lazy ass on dad's couch and started stinking up the place. Tripping my dad up, muddling his brain, confusing him, scaring me, and just being a real pain in my ass.

Mort is sloppy, unfinished, and a bit raw. Which feels appropriate because I could describe my grief the same way. I have no real idea where this is going. But after drawing about ten of them, I felt a very strong need to share them. I need to put this out there and let these feelings go. Once I post my work, it's not really mine anymore. Maybe sharing these feelings will relieve their burden.  Maybe in the process, these strips can help other people experiencing the same thing.

I hope you enjoy Mort, and you aren't too disappointed that PvP strips are on hold for a while. But this is what is my gut is telling me to work on right now.

And I tend to follow my gut.