More Stripping

I might have been stretching the truth a bit yesterday when I said I had no idea what happened inside the Strip Search mansion during filming.

Today's new episode teases at the end that, yes indeed, I did judge one of the challenges. So obviously I am aware of how that all went down (to a degree). I'm excited to see all the confessionals filmed during that day. Friday can't come soon enough.

My recovery from PAX East continues. Did you know that you can hurt your shoulder by doing nothing? You can. It's called being over 40, and side effects include your shoulder hurting after doing nothing and saying "Ow" a lot. Luckily it's not my drawing shoulder. Regardless, I have two new cartoons for you today that some Strip Search contestants were kind enough to doodle up for me during the show.

I have a  delightful drawing of Jade and her frog prince from Amy Falcone. Amy broke my heart in today's episode. If you haven't watched it, be warned, you may tear up. I also have a hilarious look at Brent before his first cup of coffee by Ty Halley. Pay attention to the background for a call out to our drawing yesterday from Tavis. Amy, you've schemed your way into my heart. Ty, you'll never be eliminated from our friendship.

More tomorrow!