This week is huge for Kaiju with a new Godzilla movie and a new monster slaying videogame. Both of which I intend to partake in repeatedly. We're celebrating with an homage to the monsters of my youth on a new shirt design that's available in the store RIGHT NOW.

I didn't know the word Kaiju until I was much older, but I've loved giant monsters since....well....always.

King Kong for sure, but above all else Godzilla. We drew him all the time, created new monsters for him to fight, and pretended to be him on playgrounds and in backyards. Back then (before cable tv, the internet and streaming services), you caught Godzilla movies on local affiliates of the big three networks, usually on the weekends.

 I enjoyed Gareth Edwards 2014 Godzilla picture and agreed that there wasn't enough Godzilla in it. But directors are allowed their creative choices and I understood his. With the sequel it's shaping up to the flip side of that coin, throwing subtlety out the window for big dumb monster fights. I'm down for either so long as it keeps Godzilla alive for continuing generations.

I'm also super into the Phoenix Labs' Dauntless. People are saying it's a bubblegum version of Monster Hunter, but there are complexities to the game I didn't realize were there during my short time spent playing the beta. There's theorycrafting and a meta but it's all co-op fun and the game has miles of style. As a fan of big monsters, and having grown up adoring them as heroes and friends to children, I don't like killing them, so I pretend we're just putting them to sleep for a bit so they can't stir up trouble. I'm having fun all the same. I heard that if you played the game at PAX you get a flare and banner with the logo. However, I never get to leave my booth so I didn't partake. Sad face emoji.

I hear that next year we get to see King Kong fight Godzilla. And, although I suspect the two will only be combative until a more deserving foe appears to draw their ire, my money's on Godzilla. I don't want to hear any bullshit about Kong's agility or ability to use tools. Godzilla wins.

He's fucking Godzilla.