Meet the new Toonhound

We're dog people, and our breed of choice is the Basset hound.

Our first basset, Kirby, came to us in 1997 and sat at my feet while I worked on the first decade of PvP. He became the namesake of our company (Toonhound Studios) and left an indelible mark on us. We went on to adopt two more bassets in 2009 and last year we lost our boy, Butler. His siter Bella is still with us, but has changed a lot since her she lost her brother. It's been a little sad.

So I had the bright idea that a new puppy would FIX EVERYTHING!


Enter Charlie Brown, the newest addition to the Toonhound family. He came to us in a blizzard from Indiana and he's romping around the house and out in the snow. He's floppy and made of velvet and desperate to be friends with Bella and my dad's chessie Kaiser. If you follow me on Instagram you can enjoy non-stop picks as he grows up.

Bella is so far, unimpressed and the real Scratch Fury is living up to his namesake and being a real jerk about it. But everyone will become fast friends, I assure you.