Light at the end of the tunnel

I will be home next Saturday.

Dad is being released from his skilled nursing center on Sunday. Next week movers come to pack up the stuff we're bringin with him. Plane tickets have been purchased. The dog's reservation has been scheduled. Rennovations are almost complete to make my house ready for dad's arrival. It's been a tumultuous two months away from home, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. There's been so much to do. Getting dad's affairs in order for his big move, but we've gotten it done.

He's in good shape, doing well. Balance is good, walking is good, his left hand is starting to wake up and he seems to be doing well on his meds.

My anxiety is trying to trick me into spending brain cycles worrying about not making it home without another incident or unwanted development. But between lexapro, meditation and support from friends, family and you guys I've been keeping negative thoughts at bay.

Looking forward to returning to a routine and updating more regularly.