I’m so bad at these end of the year things

Every year, people start looking back and making lists and I’m always impressed because I don’t think I can remember every thing I did during a year. At least not in enough detail to chronicle it.

I can remember enough of the highlights to say that 2011 was a pretty intense year. It was my wife’s first year in a new city since she was…born? Two maybe? We love it Seattle and we’re never leaving (maybe we’ll summer in Italy if we ever win the lottery). Kris and I raised over 60 grand in kickstarter funds to film a webseries. The Trenches launched.  It was a good year. A busy year. And interesting year.

I’m more excited about looking ahead. 2011 isn’t quite over yet and I’m already starting work on 2012 projects. Thank God there are 2012 projects to work on and look forward to.

Thank everyone for allowing me another years of this job. Thank you for still caring about my work and what I have to say. It’s a real blessing. We were talking the other day about how nobody does for a living what they wanted to do when they were in the fourth grade. But we do. If everyone was like us the world would be full of police, firemen and astronauts.

Here’s to another great year. Here’s to 2012.