Home Again

I’m back from Australia, and what a magical time we had!

I’m suffering from a bit of jetlag at the moment, but I’m back to work and will be writing up a big recap of my time down under very soon. I still need to collect my thoughts and download all my pictures off my SLR so I can show you some of the amazing things we experienced on our trip.

What I can muster up the brain power to do right now is thank some people.

First and foremost, I want to thank Andrew Pogson, Allison MacQueen, Kerstin Schulenberg and everyone at the MSO for bringing us out to perform live in Melbourne. Our performance last Thursday is a highlight of my lifetime. It was magical. Thanks to Wil Wheaton and Kris Straub for being such great partners on-stage. Wil’s a real professional and helped Kris and I backstage. We’ve done live performances before, but nothing of this caliber. Wil really took us under his wing and our performance was better for it.

Thanks also to everyone involved with the Supanova show. Kris and I had an amazing time being treated like for real celebrities. It’s the first time a con has had a personal handler escort me to and from signings and panels. And they kept us in such good company. We shared a green room with a Twilight, A Galactica, two Fireflies, one Walking Dead, two Harry Potters, one Mistborn, a Zim and a Starfleet ensign. I think someone told Supanova we were more famous than we are. But it’s a lie I’m comfortable letting them believe because we had an amazing time.

I want to go back. I can’t wait to go back. Until then I’ll have to be content trying to wrangle all the images dancing around in my head.

Since so many people have posted phone movies they took during our MSO performance, I feel comfortable linking you to one clip taken by someone and given to me. It’s of one of my favorite moments in the show…not just because it’s one of the best songs performed that night, but because it was amazing to see a blam screened in front of 4500 people. Enjoy.