Holiday Merch Sale!

[begin sales pitch]

Well, you've done it again. It's December 10th and you haven't done any Christmas shopping for the gamers, and nerds in your life. You're not alone, friend, but fear not. Toonhound Studios has you covered. Head over to our Table Titans store and take advantage of our holiday sale. Use the code TITANS25 to save 25% at checkout on all of our merch, INCLUDING our beloved ADVENTURE JOURNALS. We have all colors available INCLUDING Raven Black. Pick up a whole set and cover gift-buying for your entire gaming table in one fail swoop.

We also have a brand headgear available. You've read PvP since the late 90s, Table Titans is a nostalgic trip to the gaming table of your youth, you love the stuff we make. Show your love for our content while outwardly looking like a fan of obscure minor league baseball teams with our new Seattle Toonhounds ballcap.

Kaiju and toys from the 80s are back in style, so pick up a Monster Daddy tee shirt. Plus books, pins, and more. All 25% off.

It's the last week we can ship to you in time for Christmas so take advantage of our sale now!

[end sales pitch]