Harvey Awards - A Thank You

The Baltimore Comicon is always a treat for us. It’s one of what used to be two smaller shows that have now become two big shows we never miss. Both Baltimore and Emerald City have blown up from their humble beginnings, but they never forgot the spirit or the people that got them where they are. So it’s always a fun weekend in both cities.

But this year, Baltimore was very special because I was honored to be Master of Ceremonies for the Harvey Awards. To say I was nervous about this is an understatement. I’ve never prepared more for a public speaking event. Even my SCAD lecture with Dave, which included an keynote presentation, didn’t get as much prep as this.

Kris reminded me right before the show that I’ve played to bigger rooms. That my PAX panel had twice as many people in it and I did fine. The problem is that the audience at my PAX panel didn’t include Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Chris Claremont and George Perez.

Well, my nervousness was misplaced because we all had a great time. I am proud to report that the comic book industry still retains it’s sense of humor and has no problem poking fun at itself for the night (especially if it makes an award ceremony pass by faster). All the presenters had a great time and rolled with my “soft-roast” introductions.

I introduced Chris Claremont as “The man who looked at Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s classic book, X-men, and said ‘You know what this needs? More words.’” Chris took the podium, called me a “sodding young punk” and then proceeded to remove his “notes” which were this giant notepad. Greatness.

I want to thank Marc Nathan, Brad Tree, the entire Baltimore Comicon volunteer staff and especially Paul McSpadden who administrates the Harvey’s and was so kind and dear and complimentary of me.

It was an honor, it was a blast, and hopefully it will not be the last time I’m asked to do it.