Harvey Awards

I was honored to learn that our sister comic strip, Table Titans was nominated for a prestigious Harvey Award for the category of Best Online Comics Work. Congrats to everyone who's been nomniated. What amazing company to be included in.

The Harvey Awards are nominated and selected by comic book professionals, so being nominated feels like a hearty "well done' slap on the back from the very pros we grew up respecting and emulating.

Since Table Titans is a group project, I wanted to take a moment to ask you to please consider voting for us when you turn in your Harvey Ballot this year. I'm not the only person who works on the comic. Brian Hurtt takes my script and brings it to life in dynamic layouts and teaches me about storytelling with every new page. Steve Hamaker brings my boring lineart to life with his vibrant and sublime colors. And Cory Casoni works tirelessly behind the scenes, wrangling all of our schedules and acting as a managing editor.

Every single one of these guys is worthy of a Harvey Award and know that when I cast my vote for Table Titans, it's for them. I hope you'll consider them as well when you cast yours. Final ballots are due August 18th, and any professional can vote. And yes, the good men and women who manage the Harvey's do consider you web-cartoonists professionals. If you're a part of this industry they want your ballot. So please take the time to pat these talented people on the back for all the hard work they put in last year.

Good luck to everyone nominated.