Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for making 2008 such a banner year for PvP. It was our 10th year online, my 8th year as a full time cartoonist. It was a true milestone for me, and you were a large part of that. Even though it’s been ten years, it feels like I’ve just gotten started.

So much happened in 2008, it’s difficult to properly recount it all. On top of that, I’m so excited about what’s waiting for me in 2009, it’s hard to stop looking forward and planning ahead. We’re already planning to move our family to a new state next year. A new home, new friends, a new chapter in our lives awaits.

However, if I force myself to scan my memory for the highlights of the previous year, my mind lands on the same recurring theme: the Halfpixel crew. The highlights of my year all involve Dave, Brad, Kris and our families meeting up in different cities for all new adventures and experiences. The Hotel piano bar in San Diego, the late night pub visit in Baltimore, the lecture in Savannah, In and Out Burger, The motorcycle gang, my pissy attitude about the humidity, waking up at 4am and worrying that Kris had gotten killed on the streets of Baltimore, the panels, the people coming up to our booth and giving us heartfelt thanking us for the book, and our weekly meet up online for our podcasts.

My wife, my family, my friends, my readers. I am a blessed man. I’ve been given more than I deserve.

Raise your glasses to the new year! Let’s hope we can make 2009 half as exciting.