Happy Birthday PvP

19 years ago today, I posted the first PvP comic. PvP was this thing I was doing on the side until I came up with the really GOOD idea that would propel me to life as a professional cartoonist. I've been told that having success in comics is like being stuck by lightning. I've been struck three times with PvP, Table Titans and Acquisitions Incorporated.

It would be a sin not to acknowledge how privledged I am to get to do this.

I'm proud of the hard work i've put into this. I'm also aware I was born male, white, straight and Christian into a middle class family with parents who loved me, supported me and never abused me.

When I was born there was a song on the radio called "Watching Scotty grow" and my parents, actually did things for me that mimiced lyrics from the song. I had a Mickey Mouse clock and a teddy bear named Fred. Everyone talks about the importance of representation. When I grew up, people on the radio were singing about ME. Not about people LIKE me. About ME specifically as far as I could tell. I was MEGA-privileged.

PvP turns 20 next year, and if we make it I plan to celebrate. I hope a big part of our second act will be fulfilling Toonhound Studios' mission statement to provide young cartoonists the tools and opportunities they need to make comics that represent who they are.

Thank you for 19 years of the best job in the world.